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Arum 5X500L

Arum 5X500L

Application of the spindle with the best-in-class specifications 

It is equipped with a powerful spindle made by Sycotec in Germany. With a powerful performance, it can machine not only METAL but also all CAD/CAM materials used in the dental industry.


Realization of Smart Factory with ARUM

With 12 jigs changers enabling 24-hour production, a smart factory is realized. Experience perfect prosthesis production through ARUM's machining template and know-how accumulated for more than 10 years of experience both in South Korea and major overseas countries.


Outstanding Durability and Precision 

The application of Servo Motor with a built-in Absolute Encoder ensures excellent zero-point precision. With the use of precision linear guide and ball screw, it ensures high machining precision and durability.


Zero Point System 

The application of Zero Point System of German AMF maintains a near-perfect jig Zero point. Premill T jig and Disk type Jig can be replaced accurately and easily.


Open C-type Jig 

The application of C-type jig enables additional fine machining on Labial Side (Buccal Side) and Under- Cut area.


Wireless Auto Calibration 

The use of a wireless probe enables auto-calibration safely and easily.